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How does injure happen?

Rapid acceleration/deceleration, jumping or forced movements can cause severe strains of the ankle tendon and the fascis. After an injury, if there is not enough time for recovery or protection, the stability of the ankle is weakened, even developing into a chronic sprain.


The ankle joint is between the tibia and fibula and the lalar bone, with the complex structure of the medial and lateral ligaments jointly providing stability. During exercise, sudden impact, falling from a height, or stepping on somemore else's foot can all destabilize the joint due to a strain of the ankle's anterior talofibular ligament. Without proper recovery, it can easily become a chronic sprain. Uncoordinated or forced athletic movements can cause tendon and fascia fatigue due to repeated and excessive stretching. This may result in inflammation of the Achilles tendon and plantar fascilitis.


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