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Soft Ear Loop


3 PLY Medical Face Mask


About Winner Medical

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Winner Medical is the leading manufacturer for disposable wound-care and surgical products in China. Since 1991, they have been devoted ourselves to manufacturing, R&D and marketing cotton-based medical dressings and medical disposables, as well as consumer products under their own “Purcotton” brand.
Winner Medical is the first companies with full product lines in the disposable medical products market registered with the FDA, as well as numerous ISO certifications. Conforming with pharmacopeia rules in the EU, US, Japan, and China, our products have quickly become the industry benchmark.

About Winner 3 Ply Medical Mask


  BFE ≥ 98% 
   ≥ 98% Filtration Against Virus & Bacteria


  Fluid Resistance: 120mmHg
  Splash resistant layer protection against blood & bodily fluids 120mmHg  (ASTM F1862)


  Soft Ear Loop
With Special Design on the Ear Loop, it let user wear the face mask comfortably and no pressure on it

High Breathability          Hypoallergenic
Form-Fit Design             Super Soft Feel
100% Latex-Free


Video Introduction

Where can buy it ?


Simply Press the Icon


Simply Press the Icon

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